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It is required that our patient organization has enough affiliated members. It enables us to properly represent ALS patients, to seriously participate in discussions and to make decisions in terms of subsidies and research. Become a member and contribute to a solution for ALS.

Our association is asked for her opinion by several parties regularly. Therefore, as a member you’ll be asked to give your opinion on a regular basis. Obviously, we will keep you informed about what is done with your opinions. We use tools like a newsletter and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter to inform you on the internal developments and with respect to ALS.

The membership is free. There are no costs involved. As you will understand, we truly appreciate each and every donation. However, our goal is to work with volunteers as much as possible. Did you know that our members of the Board are volunteers too? The Board makes sure that it is completely visible and transparent where we spent donations and other earnings on. During the annual general meeting of the members the Board will present these numbers among other things.

Your participation as a volunteer is precious to us. If you have any queries or questions, please contact the Board by filling in the form below.

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